Your video, music and sound all come together in an exquisite high quality Video Book creating the perfect environment which captivates your customer to fully focus on your message regardless of their current environment.

No other product delivers this solution. For this reason almost every order results in reorders.

About our PremiumVIDEO™ Facility. After making major investments with our electronics facility in China we have redesigned our video card to make it without question, the BEST video card product line on the market today. Our combination and quality of electronics, printing, assembly, and 100% Q.C. on every unit is unmatched. Plus to top it off you can order as little as 100 units, printed four color process, video loaded, locked and ready to go!

Whether you’re looking for a Video Book to educate or entertain a customer, we can create the ideal solution for you. At Premium Shapes we have the perfect team to accomplish the impossible. From our in-house Patent Attorney to our family run factories, let us do the work for you. Call us today to discuss your next goal.

Below are just a few bullet points on our Video Books

– What is your minimum order?
You can order as little as 100 pieces on any of our stock or custom books. This includes four color process printing over the entire book, the video loaded, locked and ready to go!

– How much video can I put on there?
The smallest memory card is 128mb which holds approximately a 5 minute video. We also have 246mb, 528mb, 1gig and 2gig. The larger would hold a full feature length movie!

– How fast can I get them?
An order for 100 pcs will take 15 days to produce after art approval, then another 5 days to ship via DHL.

– Are these durable?
Yes! We print on very thick 350 gsm paper stock and laminate both sides.

– What printing options do you have?
Our standard is four color process printing with matte film lamination on both sides. The options are a gloss lamination, 3d embossing, foil accents, spot varnishing or PMS match.

– How long does the battery last?
The Video Book ships to you fully charged and will hold its charge for 3-4 months without playing. If played consistently the charge will last two hours. Fully recharging the unit will take approximately 3 hours.

– Why is the charging cord an option?
Some companies videos are appropriate for that month or year. They do not want the unit charged again for future use. This is why we use the best batteries available which will hold a charge for 3-4 months.

– How many buttons are there?
Typically there are 5 buttons. On/Off Play/Pause Rewind Volume+ Volume-
Beyond these standard five buttons we can add up to 20 chapter buttons as well! Each button you press can start or pause a new video.

– Does the Video Book come locked?
Yes. The video can not be changed without pressing the secret button code.

– Can I change the videos?
Yes! Basically you plug in the video book to your computer using the supplied USB cord. Once plugged into your computer the video book screen shows a battery. Next you need to press a secret button code to unlock the Video Book. Once you do this the video book screen changes to a USB icon and the video book folder appears on your desktop computer then you can easily change the video by dragging and dropping into the Video Book folder.

– Can you film or make our video?
We currently do not offer video filming services.

– Can you design a custom Video Book or brochure for me?
Absolutely! You can choose any of our stock options or we can design a completely custom solution for you. Custom solutions include combining a Video Book with an acrylic display, brochure holders, flip book, tear-of pads and much much more!