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  • About Premium Shapes
  • About Premium Shapes
  • About Premium Shapes

Welcome To Premium Shapes

In 1993 Premium Shapes launched into the promotional products world with our introductory line of custom die-cut pins, keychains and coasters. Back in the 90’s, the initial format was a simple technique based upon printing on paper and then mounting the prints to plastic. Since inception Premium Shapes has developed and manufactured exclusive printing equipment to be able to print directly on thicker and more durable plastic. This cutting-edge format brought our product line from 10 products to over 100 items with the ability to create endless custom products. We are very excited to introduce the next level of 4/C process plastic printing – The PremiumEDGE™ Format. This amazing new format allows us to print directly on specially engineered plastic which does not crack, bringing even more durability to our luggage tags, pins, PageBitesTM, etc. PremiumEDGE™ is not only stronger than anything else in the market, it is available quicker than any of the old formats. With our new state of the art equipment, we are able to shorten our lead times to 15 days (instead of 30 – 35 days). Need a proof? Sure! With our new manufacturing capabilities, we can now make actual pre-press proofs for our 20, 30 & 40 mil products.

New format = New innovative product lines. Along with several other great new PremiumEDGE™ items check out our explosive direct mail line “Pop N Lock” products. So what is the future for Premium Shapes? 
For many years years we have been designing in a 2D world on flat plastic. 
Partnering with Sunscope® the leading Molding and importing experts in the Industry has given us the freedom to “POP” off the flat plastic and explore and explode in the 3D molded world.

We are a true one stop shop:
– When you call Premium Shapes expect creative solutions that nobody else will present to your customer.

– Our in-house full time Patent Council will confirm our custom solutions are not infringing on any current patents.

– If your project starts off domestic and then needs to go overseas Premium Shapes will work with our factories in China.

– We can handle your project from start to finish no matter which way the road turns.

Who Is Premium Shapes

To create, render and manufacture custom solutions that are incomparable.
Partnering with Sunscope has been the key to our success. Having the ability to work with clients on projects and quote domestic as well as overseas has made our clients work much easier. We are a true one stop shop.
As the creative and innovative leaders in our industry we receive calls from different companies regarding the same project. Our promise to you is that we will never share or work with multiple clients on the same project.
We’re domestic! The majority of our prouducts can be manufactured within 15 days! Need a custom rendering we can turn those around within a week!

Our Crazy Skills

Creativity 100
Incomparable Product Solutions 100
3D Modeling and Renderings 100
Fulfillment and On-time Delivery 100