Custom Promotional Product Solutions

Creating custom promotional product solutions is something we do everyday. It is what we are known for. While others stick to stock and sourcing we are creating, engineering, prototyping, patenting and delivering to you within a week a solid full color custom presentation for you to hand to your client.

So how do we get working together?

Here is a list of questions we will need answered to start designing your free custom presentation.

1- What is your client doing with the premium?
Are they handing it out at a trade show?
Mailing it out?
Setting it up in an office?
Packing it with a kit?
This is the most important question we will need answered so we do not design a large item, that in the end, needed to be flat and fit inside an envelope.

2- What is the quantity?
This is also very important since our minimums are 1,000 pcs on the majority of our items. If the qty is around 20,000 pcs + we design a wider range of products that can be injection molded at our family owned facility in China. Plus the pricing may be less then our domestic facilities. We also have a beautiful custom acrylic line where minimums are 100 pcs.

3- Whens the drop dead date for the premium to arrive?
The deadline will definitely impact the presentation. If you need something delivered in 10 days, we will choose specific products that can be delivered in that time. If we have 4-5 months till delivery is needed we can also use our family owned factory in China and create a wider variety of items for you.

4- What is their budget?
This is the most difficult sometimes to get from them but it is the most important and can save us a lot of time in engineering. There have been several occasions where we design a beautiful acrylic display and it is priced around $34 per unit. When presented the client says I was thinking more like $5. Every client has a number in mind and without knowing that it is very hard to move forward.

When we have answers to all the above it allows us to easily move forward with the below schedule.
1- Sketch and design custom solutions in specific materials based on your budget
2- Patent search to make sure we are not infringing on other filed patents.
3- Have you approve and present the custom 3D renderings
4- Once a product is chosen we can make a real prototype regardless if it is a dryerase board or a 3D model from our prototype machine. Charges may apply.
5- Once your client has the prototype the PO usually follows 😉