The PremiumEdge™ Direct Mail Product Line


Below are great examples of what we can accomplish for a direct mail product using the exclusive PremiumEdge™ material. This plastic material has the perfect flexibility with the ability to go snap back. The sheet ships flat and the pieces pop out in seconds.

One of the great features of this direct mail line is called POP N LOCK™. It causes the client to interact with the promotional marketing product. Why send just a flat piece of marketing material when you can send a promotional product that pops out, locks together, is extremely vibrant, can have a custom shape, is printed four color process, can be printed with variable data, ships flat, and builds into something!

Four color process printing directly on PremiumEDGE™ plastic gives your art an incomparable vibrancy and crispness. All the solutions below are manufactured in America so your delivery is 15 days from art approval. Optional 5 day rush production is available on all stock items. Please call to confirm.

Pop N Lock Banks

Pop N Lock Piggy Bank

Pop N Lock Piggy Bank

Pop N Lock Custom Bank

Pop N Lock Rectangle Bank

Custom Bus Bank

Pop N Lock Bus Bank

Custom Bus Bank

Pop N Lock Large Bus Bank

Pop N Lock Desk Items

Pop N Lock Forklift

Pop N Lock Forklift

Custom Penny Tray

Pop N Lock Penny Tray

Custom PDA Phone Holder

Pop N Lock PDA Holder

Custom Desk Pad Holder

Pop N Lock Desk Pad Holder

Custom Picture Frame

Pop N Lock Picture Frame

Custom Business Card Holder

Pop N Lock Business Card Holder

Custom Accessory Tray

Pop N Lock Accessory Tray

Pop N Lock Games

Custom Imprinted Baseball Game

Pop N Lock Baseball

Custom Imprinted Soccer Game

Pop N Lock Soccer

Custom Imprinted Catapult

Pop N Lock Catapult

Custom Imprinted Football Game

Pop N Lock Football

Custom Imprinted Basketball Game

Pop N Lock Basketball

Custom Imprinted Airplane

Pop N Lock Airplane

Custom Imprinted Launcher

Pop N Lock Launcher

Custom Zoo Stack

Pop N Lock Zoo Escape

Pop N Lock Puzzle Ball

Pop N Lock Puzzle Ball

Pop N Lock Custom Solutions

Custom Sample Tray

Pop N Lock Sample Tray

Custom Sample Tray

Pop N Lock Satellite